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Étude de cas

Centre Albert Sherman de l’UMASS

En 2013, lorsque l'University of Massachusetts Medical School a ouvert le Centre Albert Sherman, un centre à la pointe de la technologie d'une valeur de 400 millions USD sur son campus de Worcester (MA), elle a annoncé qu'il était conçu « pour inaugurer une nouvelle ère de la recherche biomédicale, de l'éducation médicale et de la collaboration sur le campus ». La collaboration allait aussi jouer un rôle important pour refroidir ses 11 étages et ses 47 500 mètres carrés pendant les étés chauds et humides de la région.

How Volvo Car Gent is driving sustainability

SWEP's compact and high capacity brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) have allowed Volvo Car Gent to substantially reduce its use of fossil fuels for heating purposes. CO2 emissions have been decreased by 15,000 tons per year, a net decrease of more than 40 percent.

Améliorer la gestion de Montpelier

Grâce aux BPHE de SWEP, le système d'énergie collective de la capitale du Vermont a rencontré un succès retentissant.

Tele2 Arena

Une technologie puissante pour un lieu de modernité.

L'arène primée Tele2 Arena de Stockholm, en Suède, accueille tout aussi bien de grands concerts que toutes sortes de compétitions sportives. Les puissants échangeurs thermiques à plaques brasées (BPHE) de SWEP permettent la mise en place rapide et fiable de glace de bonne qualité pour les événements sportifs hivernaux.

Heat exchangers bring 34% higher capacity to new energy transfer station

More power and less maintenance combined with reliable operation. The new energy transfer station in Danish Glostrup have found a cost-effective solution with two of SWEP’s B649 brazed plate heat exchangers.

Pioneer power station with BPHE LNG vaporizers

One of the world’s first power stations with BPHE LNG vaporizers has been installed at a gold mine in Perth, Australia. The company behind the project, EVOL LNG, is a leading provider of LNG for transport, power generation and other industrial applications. It provides a trucked natural gas solution to fuel off-grid power stations and deliver a solution with less capital cost than natural gas pipelines and with lower fuel costs than diesel. 

Reliable BPHE for sensitive research

After a public tender, the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium awarded Cofely Axima (GDF SUEZ) parts of the contract to build a new chemical laboratory.

Göteborg Energi sees the bigger picture

Gothenburg is a port city with a strategic location between Oslo and Copenhagen. With a population of approximately 530,000 it is Sweden’s second largest city. As Western Sweden's leading energy company, Göteborgs Energi has been supplying the city with district heating since 1952. However, the company does not just supply residential and commercial buildings. By adding a car manufacturer plant and a ferry to the grid, energy utilization is optimized.

At the forefront of innovative solutions

A major provider of thermoplastic, thermosetting and elastomer injection molding machines, Negri Bossi India Pvt Ltd knows what is important: reliable performance and efficient use of energy. Ensuring that customers enjoy a major competitive advantage while remaining environment-friendly, their machines represent the industry benchmark for low energy consumption.

Critical IT equipment requires efficient cooling

When the India-based IT company Infosys Technologies Ltd. selected Schneider Electric to install a system for a Data Center Cooling application, Schneider decided to opt for an efficient SWEP brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE).

Un Refroidissement efficace d’un centre de données d’Infosys

Lorsque la société Infosys Technologies Ltd., basée en Inde, a sélectionné Schneider Electric pour installer un système destiné à une application de refroidissement d'un centre de données, Schneider a décidé d’opter pour un échangeur thermique à plaques brasées (BPHE) de SWEP.

Aircel air dryers show their full potential with ADWIS

With 100,000 units sold at the beginning of 2015, SWEP's range ADWIS (Air Dryer With Integrated Separator) is now quickly becoming the market standard within several industrial applications. A successful combination of research and thorough knowledge of market demands, this solution solves a common problem without compromising compactness or efficiency.