Catalyst for change

Technological transformation to meet present and future demands

Over the past four decades, SWEPs journey of growth and development has had many contributing factors for success. If there is one catalyst for change and advancement that stands out, it is that of technological transformation driven by changing customer and market demands. A clear path of innovation aimed for higher energy efficiency in heat transfer and staying close to customers and changing markets. 

2023 – SWEP B285 
Supporting the transition to natural refrigerants such as CO2, SWEP has extended its capacity range of frameless solution by introducing the B285, now featuring a frameless solution in the market to fit single-phase fluid applications with high heat loads and extreme pressure requirements. 

2022 – SWEP FI22AS  
To address the increasing demand for heat pumps with a lower carbon footprint, SWEP released this high-efficiency condenser and evaporator optimized for the natural refrigerant R290 (Propane) and the low GWP refrigerant R32.  

2021 – SWEP Hypertwain®  
The Hypertwain® technology enables a new generation of heat exchangers with optimized condenser and evaporator performance for reversible air and water-cooled systems. A pioneering technology supporting both smaller physical footprints, lowering energy use and total cost of ownership for the end-user.  

2019 – SWEP F85 evaporator  
Developed for modern high-pressure refrigerants, this high-performance evaporator has excellent thermal performance with low pressure drop on secondary side. 

2018 – SWEP Sealix®  
Sealix® introduced SiO₂ based layer protection to the heat exchanger for increased corrosion resistance and decreased scaling effects. The Sealix® technology was developed in close cooperation with customers and chemical experts over a two-year pilot program. Sealix® is now used in many domestic tap water applications in both Europe and in the US.  

2014 – SWEP All-Stainless range  
The introduction of All-stainless products was an important breakthrough for industries with demanding applications dealing with corrosive substances. The SWEP range has evolved over the years to include six models with high resistance to corrosion, low risk of contamination, and high thermal strength. 

2013 – SWEP B3  
At the time of introduction, the B3 was the world’s smallest brazed plate heat exchanger – about the size of an iPhone. It's compactness ad flexibility continues to make it a popular choice for economizer applications.    

2012 – SWEP B649  
SWEP went even bigger with the B649. The largest BPHE on the market, it was a perfect fit for a growing district energy market, and today it is being used in many HVAC and industrial applications even for cooling, such as in data centers needing compactness and tight temperature approach.  

2008 – SWEP AsyMatrixTM 
SWEP AsyMatrix™ plate design maximizes system performance by delivering optimal heat transfer at low water pressure. SWEP were first on the market to offer asymmetric heat exchangers and were first launch in the E-range for boiler industry. Constantly improving the technology, SWEP launched the latest asymmetric plate design concept in 2023.   

2005 – X-plate  
Further developing the improved performance from the E-type, the X pattern on start- and end-plates of many SWEP heat exchangers gives increased mechanical strength and thermal performance. 

2003 – Double wall heat exchanger  
Double wall technology provides extra safety in applications where it’s critical that the fluids don’t mix. This is highly valuable to a wide a range of applications such as tap water stations, district heating grids, heat pumps, boilers, transformer cooling, desuperheaters and heat recovery from air compressors. 

1998 – Secondary heat exchangers  
SWEP’s work on tap water heaters for combi boilers, aka secondary heat exchangers, gave end-users access to instant hot water without risk of dangerous bacteria including legionella. 

1997 – SWEP True Dual  
The True Dual technology for chillers and heat pump applications with a higher temperature approach allowed for two independent circuits to operate simultaneously, enabling increased efficiency, especially at part-load operation.  

1996 – SWEP E-type heat exchanger range  
The pattern on the integrated start- and end-plates of the E-type gives improved heat transfer, hugely improving material usage and cost-efficiency. 

1993 – SWEP B65  
When launched, the B65 was the largest brazed plate heat exchanger the world had ever seen. With its high capacity, robustness and condenser fit, it remains a sought-after heat exchanger in many demanding industrial and heating applications.  

1988 – Brazed plate heat exchangers for vapor compression chillers  
The refrigeration industry was one of the first to convert from conventional shell and tube technology and recognize the benefits of brazed plate heat exchangers with distribution device.   

1983 – SWEP B10 & B25  
The first brazed plate heat exchangers were made for heat pumps and refrigerators. The technology was never before seen in these applications and ended up being a great commercial success. The B10 and B25 series are still produced today!

Swep Techgarden

SWEPs clear path of innovation aimed for higher energy efficiency in heat transfer and staying close to customers and changing markets has been a driver for technological transformation.

Technological transformation past, present and to be continued 

SWEP was founded forty years ago with a firm belief that the brazed plate heat exchanger technology holds endless possibilities of improving energy efficiency and comfort of everyday lives for people anywhere in the world. A conviction that has been proven right time and again.  

As the world adapts to the reality of climate change and solutions that can accelerate the transition to more environmentally sustainable operation, brazed plate heat exchanger technology will undoubtedly continue to take center stage for future technological transformations. 

To learn more about SWEPs technical expertise and R&D capabilities, watch the video “Innovative and sustainable heat transfer solutions by SWEP”