Building the future through learning

In 2018, the 24th of January was established as UNESCO’s International Day of Education as a special occasion to raise awareness for education as a human right and key to sustainable development. It is globally acknowledged as a day to showcase the importance of nurturing everyone’s fundamental right to education today to build a more sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful future tomorrow.

Lifelong learning - a fundamental pillar 

For SWEP, a commitment to lifelong learning is deeply rooted and professional development is a fundamental pillar to our success. SWEP is part of the Dover Corporation and one way of showing our learning commitment is through an educational contribution to the Dover Scholars Program, where dependants of SWEP employees around the globe can apply for tuition reimbursement through colleague scholarships. Engaging with young talents of tomorrow is equally important to support for education, and SWEP is actively engaged in educational career fairs and speaking engagements at technical schools around the world.

The United Nations’ statement of “Unlocking the potential in every person to contribute to a better tomorrow through their actions today” is an important message and a constant inspiration to do more and consistent with SWEPs company vision to learning and development.

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