SWEP supports Rheem Thermal to shape a sustainable future

In the Sydney Opera House, energy efficiency improvements have been made over past years for living up to commitment to sustainability.

Among the improvements, there was one project aiming to efficiently extract heat from the AC circuit to heat the buildings hot water storage. The project was carried out by well-regarded company Rheem Thermal to whose heat pumps SWEP has been supplying heat exchangers for over a decade.

Guarantee highly efficient heat exchange

SWEP designed and supplied the heat exchangers for the project which are integral components in the heat pumps installed in the system. In the heat pumps, 2 units of SWEP B16DWx124 with compact structure design was used to guarantee highly efficient heat exchange in the system while ensuring minimal footprint. Being a conversion project, the original surroundings were all in place and less retrofitting was preferred.


Rheem Thermal heat pumps.

System overview.

About Rheem Thermal

Rheem Thermal is a part of Rheem Australia which offers an extensive product range to clients of all sizes and scopes, with a focus on water heating using heat pump and gas technology.