Hypertwain is a revolutionary new technology that optimizes both cooling and heating and keeps the need for space, electricity and refrigerants to a bare minimum. 

True reversible in heating and cooling

Solutions for heating and cooling in heat pumps have been around for a long time. Usually, a condenser and an evaporator are used, consuming space and energy and refrigerant charge. And when a reversible chiller is used, either the heating or the cooling mode is less efficient. Hypertwain is the answer to the rising demand for comfortable indoor climate – and the absolute necessity of using fewer resources.

Designed for efficient work

With Hypertwain, SWEP introduces a new heat exchanger that combines the SGHX with the evaporator into one. Getting all the benefits of the using a SGHX without the disadvantages. Unlike a normal brazed plate heat exchanger, the plate has a more purely dedicated area for the evaporation process and just a small area close to the outlet port that is optimized for superheating the refrigerant.

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