XReference BPHE Replacement tool

SWEP introduces XReference BPHE replacement tool

Finding the right SWEP BPHE alternatives to replace other BPHE brand models has never been easier.

SWEP introduces XReference; an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that suggests the right and best SWEP replacement model in just a couple of clicks.

With XReference, BPHE replacement alternatives can be be quickly assessed with quick look up tabs such as competing brand, model and number of plates in just one click, no log-in required. 

Stand-alone version or integrated in DThermX selection software

XReference is available as a stand-alone tool with direct access from swep.net without log-in requirements. The stand-alone version links directly to DThermX for further calculations, however XReference is also integrated and accessible within the DThermX selection software and can be used simultaneously while working, saving and retrieving your DThermX calculations online.

Hence with this introduction XReference is both a complement to, and an enhancement of the existing DThermX selection software; (our online version of SSP G8), which offers advanced high precision data for your BPHE solution. 

Try XRerefence - no log-in required

Go to DThermX for advanced calculations - log-in required

Below example of a SWEP BPHE replacement alternative using XReference