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Help & Tutorials

If you experience problems with downloading, installing or running SSP G8, you are advised to seek the assistance of your IT support.

Keep your system up to date
First make sure your Windows system is up to date by visiting the Microsoft Update site: http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/

Make sure you have at least .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed. Restart your system after install.

Most installation issues are related to network setup and security settings. Check the following conditions on your system and your company network:

- Intranet, PROXY and ISA servers must allow the default Windows user credentials to connect to the Internet.

- Any PROXY, ISA, Firewall, Anti-Virus/Spam software and network policies must allow SSP to run and also to communicate using following addresses.

- HTTP/HTTPS ports 80 and 443.
- SOAP and Web Service requests.

All of the URLs below, and any sub-addresses.
- https://webservices.swep.net/
- http://webservices.swep.net/
- http://ssp.swep.net/
- http://www.swep.net/

Your Windows installation and user account must be properly set up, and allow installation of software in accordance with the standard Microsoft user account setup.

When registering SSP G8, you must be connected to the Internet. You must also make sure that you can receive emails from @swep.net and that those emails are not blocked in any way.

Failure to comply with any of the above may stop your SSP G8 installation working.

Any solution communicated here is implemented at your own risk; you are advised to seek the assistance of your IT support.